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Meet Melissa

When I was a little girl, I was wild and free, living on an island off the coast of Jamaica. By day, I listened to the wisdom of the breeze & the ocean, and by night the cicadas taught me the songs of the stars. I drank coconuts and tickled plants whose tendrils would curl up and shy away from my touch. I swam in the ocean every day.  

Wild Nature is familiar to me; the jungle was my first home. And so I see our inner nature like the wild — primal and untamed, yet wise, balanced & ordered.  

My work is in tending to our inner wild. 


For 10 years, I’ve helped women open to their natural pulses in giving birth.  As a midwife, I was privileged to witness and discover the rhythm of women in their most vulnerable, raw, and powerful moments. 

I approach self-care as an act of intimate discovery of our inner selves.

When it was time for me to birth my 3rd baby, I labored under shooting stars, beside a gentle fire, supported by the warm waters of the birth tub.  The banana trees protected me from a gentle rain, my passion flowers showed me how to bloom, and the intoxicating fragrance of ylang ylang flowers kept me soft and grounded. 


With the birth of my child, my connection with myself deepened, and the sensuality of my garden became one of my greatest gifts.   


NAANI Botanicals is an expression of the reverence I have for wild nature, both in the garden and in our inner landscapes.

NAANI Botanicals is garden, full of sensual, intoxicating flowers blooming to nurture our inner wild.

In addition to skincare, I offer support for hormone balance, natural conception or birth control, pregnancy, and natural wellness.  Learn about herbalism and midwifery services at naanilove.com or send me an email.

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