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Cocoa Rose Butter + Botanical Fragrance Roller


A nourishing self-care duo, packaged for the holidays in a cotton drawstring bag.

Organic cocoa butter with vitamin e and rosehips provide protective moisture for chapped skin & lips.  VItamin C from pure rosehips oil infused with rose petals reduce scars, stretch marks & dark spots from sun-exposure.


Our Botanical Fragrance Roller is the perfect balance of perfume and aromatherapy.  Made with this summer’s hand-picked blooms, including rose, lavender, sweet pea, chamomile, celosia, and butterfly bean, this blend combines notes of rose and citrus, with soothing lavender-vanilla sandalwood, light notes of ginger and spice, plus hints of frankincense and patchouli for grounding.

Organic Cocoa Rose Whipped Butter
1 × Cocoa Rose Whipped Butter
Pure Fragrance Roller
1 × Pure Botanical Fragrance



Cocoa Rose Whipped Butter:

Organic Cocoa Butter

Rosehips Oil

Vitamin E


Botanical Fragrance Roller:

Organic Steam-Distilled Coconut Oil

Rose Otto Essential Oil

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil

Vanilla Absolute

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil


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