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Organic Foaming Cleansing Grains with Rose Petals


A 3-in-1 organic facial cleanser, exfoliation, and botanical mask.

For all skin types. 6 ounces

Organic Rose Petals can calm acne, eczema & irritation, and contain vitamin C to help boost natural collagen to keep skin looking younger and fresher.

Brown rice powder is used to protect the skin from sun damage, even skin tone and soothe inflammation.

A touch of ginger boosts circulation and oxygenation for a health glow.

Raw cane sugar provides skin-loving nutrients and minerals while fighting blackheads, shrinking pores, and brightening the skin.

Glycerine adds moisture and gently cleanses without stripping.

To use, shake a small amount into the palm of your hand, add water for a gentle lather. Massage into face and neck, then rinse.

Follow with a Copper-Distilled Toner to moisturize and reduce pores, and then a beauty oil or serum to protect and nourish.

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organic rose
organic ginger
organic brown rice
organic sugar

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Weight9 oz
Dimensions5 × 2 × 2 in


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