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Rose Lover’s Vitamin Complex Serum


Packed with vitamin C, A E & antioxidants, rosehip oil helps to build collagen and fight free radical damage.


SKIN TYPE: all, dry, oily, mature, dark spots, redness.


Ideal for mature skin with dark spots & wrinkles, this serum can fight radicals, help build collagen, reduce redness, and reduce scars & inflammation.  15 mL


Perfect for all skin types, rosehip oil is considered a “dry” oil, meaning it absorbs quickly, is relatively thin, and will leave your skin with a matte-glow and non-greasy feel. The skincare benefits of rose are unsurpassed; being one of nature’s most abundant sources of vitamin C, it can help build collagen naturally.  Potent antioxidants fight against signs of aging and skin damage.


With deeply moisturizing and protective qualities, which can soothe dehydrated skin, eczema and acne.


While garden fresh rose petals infused rosehip oil is a luxurious treat on its own, we didn’t stop there.  We’ve added intensely nourishing botanical oils, each with unique skin-loving benefits, to give you a complete profile for skin vitality.


Our complete fatty acid profile includes ceramides, squalane, , omega-3, omega-6 GLA essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, punic acid, and more.  Made with olive oil squalane, tamanu, meadowfoam, pomegranate, hempseed and borage-seed oils for a complete skin-nourishing.



(AM and PM)-

1-Cleanse and exfoliate

2-Spray this TONER for moisture and skin-loving nutrients.

3-Follow with a serum OR beauty oil to seal in the moisture and protect your skin with more nutrients, anti-oxidants, and collagen-builders.

OPTIONAL 4th step:  Spray our Toners all day for continuous moisture.


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Rosehip Oil
Rose petals, home grown and organic
Pomegranate Oil
Tamanu Oil
Borage Seed Oil
Hempseed Oil
Meadowfoam Oil

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  1. Melissa Casey (store manager)

    clears up my rosacea -Kristina

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