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Rose + Snow Mushroom Plumping Toner


This fan-favorite Plumping Toner is made right out in the rose garden. Copper-distilled fresh rose petals, snow mushroom, & aloe can deliver more moisture to deeper levels of the skin than hyaluronic acid.


SKIN TYPE: All, Normal, Dry, Aging, Normal, Oily, Redness


Snow mushrooms, also known as tremella fuciformis, are revered in ancient Chinese lore for being used by the Imperial Concubine, Yang Guife, the most beautiful woman in Chinese history, with “a face that would put flowers to shame.” Almost 2000 years later, science has learned how it can hold more moisture than hyaluronic acid, yet it’s smaller molecule can deliver moisture deeper into layers of the epidermis, or skin — the place where our body naturally makes it’s own hyaluronic acid.


Rosewater has a long history of use in Europe and the Americas as a pore-tightening, redness-reducing, bacteria-fighting skincare essential.


Fresh Aloe adds moisture and helps even skin tone and reduce the appearance of scars.


Fresh botanicals are extracted in small batches in our 100% Copper Alembic Still.  Designed almost 3000 years ago by an Ancient Alchemist, the design spread across the world and is used in making the most superior botanical extracts that contain trace amounts of copper ions.  Copper ions balance our electric field, reduce pain, and fight microbes, like fungus and bacteria that can cause acne.



(AM and PM)-

1-Cleanse and exfoliate

2-Spray THIS TONER for moisture and skin-loving nutrients.

3-Follow with a serum OR beauty oil to seal in the moisture and protect your skin with more nutrients, anti-oxidants, and collagen-builders.

OPTIONAL 4th step:  Spray all day for continuous moisture.


Naturally self-preserving, this pure toner will stay fresh for up to 6 months in the fridge, 2 months at room temperature.  All batches are hand-made seasonally and may have slight variations in fragrance due to seasonal changes that occur in the plants.





Steam distilled purified water

Fresh Rose Petals

Tremella Fuctiformis (snow mushroom)

Fresh Aloe Vera

Aspen Bark Extract; contains natural salicylates at a total of .5% concentration (use caution in bright sunlight)


Additional information

Weight9 oz
Dimensions6 × 3 × 3 in

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