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Sun Shiny Day Beauty Oil Daily Facial Moisturizer


Made with garden-grown organic calendula, chamomile and tulsi, infused slowly over time in skin-nourishing oils to create an uplifting, moisturizing, acne-fighting blend.


For all skin types, especially acne-prone, eczema, or rough-skin.  Use to balance the skin’s natural oil production, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and smooth out the skin, this oil is perfect to use liberally on the face, neck, chest and all problem areas on the body.


Calendula has a 4000 year-old history for solving skin problems like eczema, acne, rashes and wounds. A natural source of anti-oxidants, bacteria-fighting constituents, and carotenoids (a source of the body’s natural vitamin A), calendula has been known to help prevent breakouts, speed up the healing process, and promote natural moisturizing — giving your skin a smooth and radiant glow.


Chamomile’s skin-calming, redness-reducing, and softening properties come partially from blue azulene oil (the same stuff that give blue tansy it’s color and skin-care properties).  It helps reduce inflammation and can even reduce pain from irritation. Combined with it’s antimicrobial properties and calming fragrance, chamomile is a skin-care must-have for a healthy glow and even tone.


Tulsi also called ‘holy basil,’ is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic botanical reverered for it’s use in skincare.  In Ayurveda, this plant is considered an ‘adaptogen’ – an herb used for reducing the effects of everyday stress on the body.  In skincare, holy basil can reduce inflammation, clear acne, and brighten hyperpigmentation — all classic signs that the skin is under stress.


Hempseed oil provides a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 GLA essential fatty acids, which can help balance oil production in the skin and reduce breakouts.


Luxurious rosehip seed oil adds a big dose of vitamin C to boost the skin’s natural collagen.



With squalane, tamanu, meadowfoam, hempseed and borage-seed oils for a complete skin-nourishing fatty acid profile that includes essential fatty acid, gla’s, squalane, ceramides, omega-3, omega-6, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, punic acid, and more.


We use non-pore clogging sunflower oil and steam distilled organic coconut oil as a base for the botanical infusion, to keep this blend light, clean and clear qualities of the oils.


This product is made fresh and is free of preservatives. Use liberally and we’ll have a fresh batch for you every season.


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Organic Sunflower Oil
Organic steam distilled (MCT) coconut oil
Organic calendula flowers

Organic chamomile flowers
Organic tulsi leaves
Pomegranate Oil
Rosehip Oil
Tamanu Oil
Borage Seed Oil
Hempseed Oil
Meadowfoam Oil

Organic tulsi essential oil

Organic grapefruit essential oil

Organic bergamot essential oil


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