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Womb Treatment Serum


A botanical castor oil treatment made with freshly blooming passionflower, rose, and wild foraged pine, heat-infused over a pine-wood fire.


Perfect for your womb-care and self-care routine, castor oil has been used on the belly to help nourish the womb, especially by people who have fibroids or cold feet or cold/stagnation in the lower abdomen.


Infused with passion flowers and roses over a pine-wood flame, this serum was created specifically for transformation and to help free up sexual & reproductive blocks, both emotional and physical.


A heating pad is placed over the Womb Treatment Serum to help the castor oil penetrate while soothing and warming.


Some herbalists believe that castor oil has the ability to penetrate deeper through layers of skin than other oils.  it has a long herstory of use in birth to help create movement in the body.


Passion flowers have an affinity for the womb and are included in many cultural foods for fertility.  In some First Nation cultures, it is said to be a conduit to help ground you to the earth and create a connection with the sky and stars.  I have a personal affinity for this plant and feel it center me in my womb space, a place of grounding and centered power.


Rose is heart-opening and connected to the hormonal system via the hpo axis and our olfactory system.  In other words, its fragrance triggers a hormonal cascade to help balance our reproductive hormones.


The violet flame is the flame of transformation and has an affinity for our root chakra and sexual centers.



Directions for use are below

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Suggestions for use:

-Set your intent to connect with yourself in a quiet space.  Lighting a candle is always a bonus.

-Dispense oil onto your hand and warm the oil by rubbing your hands together or bringing them closer (not too close) to your candle.

-Place your hands on your lower abdomen and visualize where your ovaries and womb are. You can use small circular motions over the general area of the ovaries (don’t worry if you don’t know exactly where they are, just imagine you do and let your hands explore).   Visualize the ovaries producing hormones, and communicating with your mind and heart to know which hormones to produce and when.  If you are pre-menopausal, you can also visualize thousands of follicles, or sacs where eggs and more hormones are produced.  If you have cysts, visualize your body re-absorbing and draining the fluid out of the cyst to heal and clear it.

-For your womb, use broader strokes.  You may keep your hands in a certain position for a few moments as you feel and nurture your self.  The womb is said to be the container for dreams; nothing can exist in the world without first dreaming it through the womb.

-If you don’t currently have a womb or ovaries, or any part of them, you may still benefit from these exercises, using them to energetically connect with the essence of yourself.

-Massage and/or meditate for as long as you like.

-You may use warmth in addition, some suggestions for adding warmth include a hot water bottle, rice pad, a warm bath, or sitting near a fire.  The oil will be tacky at first, and you can cover it with a cloth; or you can wait 20 mins until the oil has absorbed into your skin before adding warmth.



castor oil

sunflower oil

rose petals


pine resin



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